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Hospedaje Doña Elvira

Photo by Aitor Ortiz   This ball of wool is a labyrinth. Like life. Like our story too. It is a magic ball of merino wool from Las Hidalgas, a beautiful project which draws on the tradition of pastoral transhumance. This is one of the treasures we have found on...

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How to cook a sirloin steak

Ox sirloin Located on the bottom sirloin, it is aged with the ribs and kidneys for 15 to 30 days, depending on the animal. This is a meat that is highly prized for its tenderness and texture. Our oxen are animals that are very old, already aged, very special beasts,...

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How to slow cook your boneless short ribs

Boneless short ribs For cooking at low temperatures or stewing. This piece comes from the skirt, from between the fifth and eighth rib. It is a piece between 1 and 2kg, and comes ready boned. It is full of beautiful marbled fat, and is excellent if fried after it has...

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Recipe with ox chuck steak

Chuck This comes from the forequarter and is the extension of the top sir- loin towards the neck. The pieces are between 5 and 10 kg but we can prepare them in chunks. Minced, it can be used to make fabu- lous meatballs and top-quality burgers. It is also an excellent...

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How to cook your oxburger

Oxburguer Our oxburger comes from the essence, from the depths, from the past, from the selection of the best native breeds. These are Iberian breeds, breeds that have not been genetically modified, breeds that can wi- thstand rough weather, and the seasons pass...

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How to cut ox rump steak to make fillets for frying

Rump steak The rump steak is located in the leg, where the tip of the hip meets the top sirloin on the rack of ribs. It is left to age together with the leg for a month. It has great texture, is juicy and has a lot of flavour, which is why it is fabulous for making...

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