Strip of roast ox with red cabbage sauerkraut and marinated aubergine.

Silverside with roast sweet potato.

Bone marrow with paprika and pink grapefruit.

Skirt steak with honey and butter sauce.

Ox tripe.

Sprouts with garlic and paprika.


Roasted red peppers.

Roast beef.

Tataki of ox.

Sweetcorn turnovers with red cabbage chimichurri sauce.

Premium cured salt ox (cecina).

Ox-blood pudding (morcilla).

Ox heart skewers.

The house classic steak tartar.

Ox sirloin tiradito with tuna tartare.

Cured dressed tongue. 

Home-cured cold cuts of ox.

La Bañeza vean stew with traditional salt pork.

Oxtail stew.

Premium ox chop.

Grilled octopus.

Sweet potato teriyaki.

Carpaccio of dry-aged entrecote (180 days old) with oil and salt.

Grilled tuna steak.

Fried yuca in arrabbiata sauce.

Ox tenderloin.

Berros silvestres.

Tomato from the garden.

Frog’s legs.

Créme caramel.

Fried milk custard square.

El Capricho torte with biscuit ice cream and white chocolate foam.

Green apple sorbet, Coladilla yogurt foam and carmelized hazelnuts.

Fresh fruit Pavlova with whipped ice cream.

Sweet spicy aubergines with homemade yogurt.

Rice pudding.

Saffron ice cream, peach compote and yougurt foam and caramelized hazelnuts.