​”I was born into a humble family of farmers, in contact with nature, which gave me a wonderful childhood, with very beautiful moments and of course, other difficult ones, but it was a time with strong ethical values, where things hardly changed in decades, where honesty and a person’s word were stronger than a contract. I was never very good at school, just scraping by; I was more interested in fishing or finding birds’ nests, looking for experiences and contact with life.

Even so, I went to study in Cantabria, where I learned about the countryside and cattle; I had the honour of taking care of Sultan, the famous bull that covered more than a million cows, and during the holidays I helped with the farm chores and served wine in the summer. In this way, I contributed towards the five thousand pesetas that my family worked hard to send me every month and helped pay the health insurance, which was my mother’s greatest concern. She was an exemplary woman, to whom I owe my values of hard work and honesty”

This is a visit to the heart of el Capricho.
To José Gordón’s project.
To the roots and values that have shaped all this passion.

We will take you on a circular visit, from the restaurant, to an original winery, where we will taste something typical from the region (a surprise), just like when the neighbours get together to have a meal in the ‘caves’, which is what we call the wineries here. We will go round the ox farm and see the cellar where we age the dried ox cecina for up to 3 years slowly without machines, as was done two thousand years ago. And we will go to the wine cellar for a tasting of wines from our hundred-year-old vines…

The visit lasts 50 minutes. We have two visiting times; one at 11 o’clock and another at 12.30. The tour costs 20 euros per person. For children under 9 years old, the visit is free but they will have to bring their own car with the accompanying adult.

The farm

Our Sayaguesan oxen on the farm. Their gaze speaks of their remote origins, all the way back to the aurochs.

The wine cellar

José Gordón in the wine cellar. He is proud to work the vineyards that his grandparents planted; to make great wine in the Jamuz Valley, to come full cycle.

The cecina cellar

Facing south on hills of sedimentary clay are our centuries-old cellars, with their austere atmosphere. Inside they were hollowed out with pickaxes, which reminds us of scarcity, sweat, meditation and the fire that takes us back to primordial times. Here underground, everything stops. The constancy of the temperature, the generosity of the natural humidity and the breeze from the shafts will do slow, careful work so that our cured cecina gathers aromas and a unique complexity of flavour.