2019 Gastronomy Days

Every month of february -for 17 years- we elaborate a gastronomic menu taking a tour around all the different cuts of the ox. We enjoy preserving this tradition, which is like a celebration of the ox. José Gordón has travelled to a different country every year with one of his cooks to elaborate a thematic menu. Last year, we did Mexico, and this year China and Hong Kong. We would like to especially thank Luis Arrufat, from the Basque Culinry Center and Adrián Rojas, former chef of Punto MX and current manager and chef of Casa 28 in Espíritu Santo Street in Madrid. They helped us a lot with the menu.

These were the dishes of this years menu:

Here is the recipe on one of the dishes which were most liked.

“Heart sweetbreads with lemon”


Ox cosomme, soy, honey, beef heart sweetbreads, lemon, tempura (rice flour with water), frying oil, soy noodles, cornstarch, salt from Guerande, black pepper. For the blanquette: water, balls of black pepper, bay leaves, onion, carrot, ginger.

Elaboration mode:

1. Reduce the consomme up to the wished point and let in rest. Add soy and a bit of honey. Thicken with cornstarch. 2. Whiten the sweetbreads in water and ice during 24 hours, changing the water several times. 3. Wash the sweetbreads, cut the vegetables and the ginger. Make a broth, cook the sweetbreads and let them cook in the same broth. Let it rest. 4. Mix the rice flour with water. 5. Fry the soy noodles, add fine salt.

Finishing and presentation:

1. Cut the sweetbreads in slices of 0.5 cm, go thorugh the tempura and fry.
2. Get the consomme ready and add lemon peles to infuse.
3. Add the consomme and the fried sweetbreads in a saucepan, they must be cooked together for 2 or 3 minutes.
4. In a deep dish, add the consomme with the sweetbreads, put ghe fried noodels on the right side.
5. Add a bit of fresh lemon juice and its zest.
6. Finish with the salt and the black pepper.




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