Señorío de los Bazán. This is the closest hotel to us. It is a rural hotel with single rooms, in a town called Palacios de la Valduerna. Contact: 987 66 56 28 / www.senoriodelosbazan.com

Casa de Tepa. This is a Royal Posada or Inn, an old building in the centre of Astorga, which is a pretty town. Contact: 987603299 / www.casadetepa.com

Hotel Conde Luna. This hotel is in the centre of León. Contact: 987206600www.hotelcondeluna.es

Hostería Camino. This hotel is in a town in the mountains of Leon, Luyego de Somoza. It is further away, 45 km from the restaurant, in a quiet, beautiful place. Contact: 987601757 / www.hosteriacamino.com