How to cut your bottom sirloin chop

by | Jul 1, 2020 | Recipes

Ox chop, selected by José Gordón Why does this chop have so much fat? This meat is the product of the ox’s happy, peaceful life, when it develops large amounts of subcuta- neous fat needed for the long ageing process. This fat will nourish the muscle and give the meat its smooth texture. The absence of hormo- nes allows these delicate fats to turn the meat into a healthier product of great subtlety, and with their low melting point, they take on sweet, complex nuances when they heat up. By mixing small pieces of fat with each bite of meat, you will experience unforgettable moments. A combination of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids makes this one of the healthiest types of fats. Without these fats, no- thing would make sense. Find it on our online shop: https://tienda.bodegaelcapricho.com/g… Working cow chop We came up with this name of ‘working cow’ to indicate that it is a cow reared in a different way. These are cows with great hormonal purity since they have not given birth for at least a year. These cows are pampered by their owners; some of them are tame and fed with homemade food. They are the pride of their owners. Find it on our online shop: https://tienda.bodegaelcapricho.com/g… How to cook and carve your chop 0°C – 5°C Store the chop in its vacuum bag in the fridge, between 0°C and 5°C. 20 days Make sure that nothing sharp has punctured the bag. If the bag is intact and the chop is still under vacuum, it can be kept in the fridge for 20 days. 2h Remove the chop from the fridge and take out of the vacuum bag at least 2 hours before cooking. Keep your chop in the fridge but do not freeze it, if possible. Take your chop out of the bag at least two hours before cooking. If it smells a little odd, don’t worry as this is due to the vacuum process. Remove the outer fat, since during the ageing process it has received, the fat has already infiltrated the meat and it has enough fattiness. If you keep the ex- terior fat, when you cook it the muscle could be contaminated, and everything will taste of grease. It is also preferable to remove the bone, as that makes it easier to reach the in- ternal temperature required and gives a more uniformly grilled chop. Whether you use a grill or griddle – a barbecue-style grill is better, because the aromas of the firewood always add nuances to the grilled meat – place the chop 35-40 cm above the heat source to warm it up. This can be done using an oven rack. Turn the chop every two minutes until it reaches an internal temperature of 36-38o C. You can check it with a probe thermo- meter. The time needed will depend on the strength of the heat source and the thickness of the chop. Once you reach the desired internal temperature, place the chop directly on the grill or griddle, over a high heat, to seal the outside. To get an idea of the intensity of the heat you can hold your hand for four seconds over the place where you are going to cook the meat, and it should be difficult to withstand the heat. Seal the chop on the grill in one posi- tion, and then turn it to a second po- sition at right angles to the first. Then turn it over, repeating the two previous positions, and add plenty of coarse sea salt. This is the way to end up with meat that is cooked on the outside and raw on the inside. When serving, it is important to cut the muscles against the grain (perpendicular to the fibres). (Making of Carlos Crespo https://www.lavaritagrafica.com/) Follow us on Facebook @BodegaElCapricho Follow us on Instagram @BodegaElCapricho Follow us on Twitter @ElCaprichoLeon