How to cook your oxburger

by | Jul 1, 2020 | Recipes


Our oxburger comes from the essence, from the depths, from the past, from the selection of the best native breeds. These are Iberian breeds, breeds that have not been genetically modified, breeds that can wi- thstand rough weather, and the seasons pass leaving traces of the sun, the wind and the winter within them. These are animals that have not been treated with antibiotics or anti-inflammatories. We take great care with the process; first the meat is dressed, then each cut is aged individually, and then comes the mix and infiltration of fat, which needs to be just right. All of this culminates in deep freezing.

Ultimately, we are looking for an honest, purist hamburger made of ox meat, where there is only fat and meat from the ox itself, without additives, colourants, preservatives or water. Note: It is important to take care to cook the burger to the right point, so that it is not overdone and does not lose the juiciness and quality of the meat. Then it will be much more pleasant and delicate to bite into. To consume, defrost the product in a meat drawer or fridge, between 0oC and 10oC. Do not refreeze after thawing.

How to cook your oxburger.

The important points to remember when making a hamburger are:

– Temper the hamburger. Don’t take it straight from the fridge to the cooker.

– The cooking surface must be hot, whether it is a barbecue grill, a gri- ddle or a frying pan.

– Turn the hamburger every so often, so that it doesn’t cook too much on one side.

– It is very important not to overcook it, since if you overdo it you will not enjoy the quality of the meat.

– Finally, add salt.